QuoteWerks Security:


In a multi-user environment, the need for security quickly becomes evident.  If more than one person will be using the quoting software, you may want some security features that limit what tasks certain users can perform. QuoteWerks has a comprehensive suite of security features allowing administrators to exert a wide range of control.

The security features are broken down into several functional units.

Menu Control
First, you can control which menus are visible to the user. Often, the menu is the only entry point into a functional area in QuoteWerks such as the Tools->Export to QuickBooks menu, or Products->Import Wizard, or Utilities->User Maintenance.  Hiding these menus from the user prevents them from having access to these features. Additionally, the administrator can hide menus containing functionality that will not be needed by the user thereby simplifying the user interface by reducing the number of menus visible to the user.

Document Control
The administrator can specify which users or groups can view/modify/delete each user's quotes. Typically the administrator would setup the document rights so that each sales rep's manager would have full rights the sales reps quotes, but sales reps would not have access to other sales reps quotes. The administrator can also setup rights so that an office admin user could have the rights to view any sales reps quotes, but not modify or delete them. The administrator can also set things up so that even the sales rep that owns the quote cannot make any changes to it once it has been approved and locked.

Access Control
You can specify individual access rights for each user to limit their ability to perform tasks. For example, the administrator can prevent a user from creating, modifying, or deleting templates, products, contacts, print layouts, bundles, configurations, reports, etc. The administrator also has a lot of control over which fields the user can modify.

Centralized Control
These security rights are centrally maintained, and can also be enforced on laptop installations of QuoteWerks.