QuoteWerks to Peachtree link - Import/Export Version


The original QuoteWerks to Peachtree link was based on the Peachtree file import/export method.  When Sage Software ® released its 2006 version of Peachtree, they included new features that enabled applications like QuoteWerks to integrate much more closely with Peachtree. We took advantage of this opportunity and created a new Peachtree integration called the interactive method. This new interactive method now replaces the older outdated import method.  Effective with the release of the new link (August 31st, 2007), we are discontinuing technical support for the old import based link.

There may be certain cases where you may still need to use the older import based link such as if you have a version of Peachtree earlier than 2006. In this case, the import based link is still accessible in QuoteWerks although there will be no technical support for it.

What versions of Peachtree does the outdated Import/Export link work with?

QuoteWerks works with:

Peachtree Complete Accounting
versions:  2005 (12.0), 2004 (11.0), 2003 (10.0), 2002 (9.0), 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 4.0

Peachtree Premium Accounting
versions: 2005, 2004

Peachtree Accounting
versions: 5.0, 3.5

Peachtree Complete Accounting Plus Time and Billing
versions: 6.0, 4.0

(Please note, technical support for the QuoteWerks Peachtree link is only available for the current version of Peachtree.)

QuoteWerks does not work with:

Peachtree Office Accounting
Peachtree 2000
Any DOS version of Peachtree Accounting

What does the Peachtree link cost?

Free with the Professional and Corporate Editions of QuoteWerks. The Standard Edition does not include the Peachtree link.

Can I get a demo copy of the Import/Export link?

Sorry, No. There is no trial version available for the Peachtree Import/Export link (there is however a demo version for the Interactive link).  Any link to an accounting system does require an initial time investment to configure it to your specific environment. With the Peachtree Import/Export link, there are many Peachtree related parameters that we have no control over, and as such we cannot provide technical assistance for a demo of the link. We do however provide technical assistance for the demo of QuoteWerks itself. We recommend that you thoroughly read through this FAQ as it contains much information about the link.  Additionally, the QuoteWerks user manual contains a Peachtree link chapter which describes how to setup and use the link in great detail.  After installing the demo of QuoteWerks, the complete user manual can be accessed by selecting the QuoteWerks Help|View Manual menu.

If I purchase a multiple-user license of QuoteWerks, do I need to buy multiple copies of the Peachtree link?

No. You only need to have the Professional or Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks no matter how many users you have at that site.

How does the link basically work?

The Professional and Corporate Editions of QuoteWerks include a Peachtree Link that enables you to convert your QuoteWerks documents to Peachtree accounting software invoices/sales orders, and purchase orders.

The QuoteWerks link to Peachtree was designed with the primary goal of making it easier to get your quoting information into your accounting software. To use Peachtree with QuoteWerks, you will need to configure QuoteWerks to work with your particular Peachtree setup. The setup instructions for the link assume that you are currently using Peachtree and have already configured Peachtree to meet your business needs.

Note: QuoteWerks Support Services does not provide any technical support for the setup of Peachtree accounting software. If you have just purchased Peachtree recently, it is recommended that you setup Peachtree based on your accounting needs and become familiar with using Peachtree for a couple of months before you start using the QuoteWerks link to Peachtree.

You can use the QuoteWerks Peachtree Link to convert QuoteWerks documents into Peachtree Accounting invoices or sales orders and purchase orders. A corresponding invoice/sales order is created for each QuoteWerks quote. The link also creates a separate purchase order for each vendor included in your QuoteWerks quote. The invoices/sales orders and purchase orders are stored in text files that you then import into Peachtree.

Import/Export Integration

Peachtree supports the importing of transactions through it’s File|Select Import/Export menu. Exporting information from QuoteWerks to Peachtree is accomplished in two steps:

Step 1: Create the export file from within QuoteWerks
In QuoteWerks, select Tools | Export to Peachtree to display the window used to export the invoice/sales order and purchase order information to respective text files.

Step 2: Import the file from within Peachtree
In Peachtree, choose File | Select Import/Export , then select the import template that you establish during the setup procedures. Invoices/sales orders and purchase orders must be imported separately into Peachtree. However, both files can be imported via the Import/Export dialog box.


What should I know about the Import/Export link?

QuoteWerks can create invoices and purchase orders without Peachtree. The Peachtree link was designed for companies that would like to quote in QuoteWerks, but still create their invoices and Purchase Orders in Peachtree. Using the Peachtree link you will save a great deal of time because you will not have to manually enter invoices in Peachtree.  QuoteWerks integrates with Peachtree using two methods: Interactive and import/export. It is important to note however that you will need to spend some time reading the manual, and setting up the link correctly. On average, it will take you around 30 minutes to setup the link.

The import/export link has the following limitations/conditions

You will need to provide QuoteWerks with the Income, Accounts Receivable etc accounts that you use in Peachtree.

Customers used for invoices/sales orders must already exist in Peachtree.

Vendors used for the purchase orders must already exist in Peachtree.

Items being sold must already exist in Peachtree if you need to record the sale/purchase of the item in a specific GL account, otherwise the sale of the item will be recorded in the default GL account which you will need to specify.

The vendor Address on purchase orders is pulled from Peachtree, not the QuoteWerks document.

Peachtree has an item description limit of 160 characters on invoices/sales orders and purchase orders.

Peachtree item descriptions cannot contain distinct lines, rather the entire description is automatically wrapped to the next line as required.

If you work with multiple Peachtree companies, you must open the Peachtree company that you want to import into before you run the Export to Peachtree process in QuoteWerks.

QuoteWerks Group Header line items are not exported. The Group Member line items within the group are exported.

The use of a Price Modifier in the Price Modifier column of a QuoteWerks group header line item is not supported.

Peachtree does not support compound taxes (sales tax computed on top of sales tax).

You can export your Peachtree items to a file, and then import them into QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks does not directly read the Peachtree product list.

When importing invoices, Peachtree does NOT automatically number the invoice. Peachtree generally assigns invoice numbers when you print the invoice. To manually add the invoice number, choose Tasks, Sales/Invoice, click the Edit button, then select the desired invoice. Enter the invoice number, then click Post.