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Aspire Technologies Partners with Salesforce.com to Integrate Quoting/Ordering Software with On-Demand CRM Service

QuoteWerks™ Receives salesforce.com Ready Certification

Orlando, FL– July 16th, 2003 – Aspire Technologies, Inc., the developers of QuoteWerks, and salesforce.com, the world leader in delivering software-as-service, today announced an alliance designed to provide access to integrated quoting functionality for salesforce.com’s small business and mid-market customers. Aspire has received the salesforce.com Ready certification for QuoteWerks, validating the seamless integration between the company’s quoting/ordering software and salesforce.com’s on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) service.

"We’re pleased to offer small business and mid-market salesforce.com customers a uniquely cost effective, robust quoting and ordering solution," said John C. Lewe IV, president of Aspire. "Our existing 4,000 QuoteWerks customers can now integrate our software with salesforce.com’s award-winning on-demand service to easily and effectively create price quotes using up-to-the-minute account information."

"Salesforce.com provides businesses of all sizes with the strongest, smartest, and simplest way yet to manage customer relationships - without software," said Roger Goulart, vice president of business development and strategic alliances at salesforce.com. "Through this partnership, our small business customers now have the ability to further extend their CRM capabilities, without any integration risk or pain."

QuoteWerks quoting and ordering software enables users to create price quotes for their customers using account information retrieved from salesforce.com. QuoteWerks creates salesforce.com opportunities and uploads quotes as attachments keeping the salesforce.com database up to date with all quoting opportunities. QuoteWerks will track cost, selling price, profit, and allows for selling price and markup adjustments based on single-line items or the entire quote. QuoteWerks also creates bundles of items, configures products, tracks product price history, supports volume discounts, supports product substitutions and multiple currencies. The presentation of the quote can be customized, and emailed to customers. Quotes and orders can be exported to accounting software such as QuickBooks®, and Peachtree®.

About Aspire Technologies, Inc.:

A privately held company, Aspire Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1993 under the name Creative Software. Corporate headquarters is located at 7041 Grand National Drive, Suite 207, Orlando, FL 32819. The company focuses on quoting/ordering software integration with leading contact management and customer relationship management applications. Aspire’s top selling product is QuoteWerks 3.0. Selling to a variety of markets, Aspire Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique niche of workgroup enabled quoting software for use across the enterprise. (www.quotewerks.com)

About salesforce.com:

Salesforce.com is the world's leader in delivering software-as-service. It offers the award-winning salesforce.com family of on-demand solutions for integrated sales force automation, campaign management, customer service and support, and document and file management to help companies meet the complex challenges of global customer communication. It has also introduced sforce, a new service that will change how applications are built as significantly as salesforce.com changed how applications are delivered. Sforce allows business application developers to use the tools that developers already love, combined with Web services provided by sforce, to rapidly build and deploy applications at a substantially lower cost than ever before. Salesforce.com has received considerable recognition in the industry, including Editors' Choice and two Five-Star ratings from PC Magazine, two Deploy Awards from InfoWorld, Red Herring 100, Upside Hot 100, Investor's Choice Award from Enterprise Outlook, Editors' Choice from TMCLabs, Top 10 CRM Implementation from Aberdeen Group and InfoWorld's 2001 CRM Technology of the Year. The company has more than 6,700 customers in 110 countries running its services in 10 languages. Founded in 1999, salesforce.com is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Europe and Asia

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