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Aspire Technologies, Inc. wins FrontRange Solutions 2003 Platinum Award for Best Integration to GoldMine

San Diego , CA – September 24, 2003 - Aspire Technologies, Inc., today announced that QuoteWerks won the FrontRange Solutions 2003 Platinum award for Best Integration to GoldMine. The award was given out at the annual Partner and User Conference at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina in San Diego , California August 5, 2003.

By giving out this award, FrontRange Solutions Inc., a global market leader in business relationship solutions, recognizes the importance of the Technology Partners products and how these applications add value to FrontRange Solutions products. 

QuoteWerks has been shipping since 1994, and has been integrated with GoldMine® starting in 1995 with GoldMine® 2.5. QuoteWerks is used by a variety of professionals in a wide variety of industries. An ideal package for any sales force, it is also used in the organization by the customer service, purchasing, and accounting departments. Small and large organizations can benefit from QuoteWerks’ ability to automate the entire sales process.

QuoteWerks strengths are found in its comprehensive integration with contact management solutions like GoldMine®. Building on that strength, QuoteWerks even integrates with other GoldMine® add-on products such as FaxRush®.

QuoteWerks 3.0 integrates with GoldMine® 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 5.7, 6.0 BCM, and GoldMine® FrontOffice 2000. There are few other products that have the level of GoldMine® integration that QuoteWerks does. You will find that QuoteWerks is the most comprehensive quoting solution in the market place.

"This past year, we have continued to focus on working closely with FrontRange's customers, VAR channel, and staff to produce the best quoting and ordering add-on solution for GoldMine for a second year running. It is an honor to have won the FrontRange Platinum Award for Best integration to GoldMine. This award recognizes our commitment to FrontRange's customers, and continues to strengthen our relationship with FrontRange," said John Lewe, President of Aspire Technologies.

"We are very delighted to work with Aspire Technologies to jointly provide customers with first rate, comprehensive contact management solutions. The award reflects our sincere appreciation and recognition of their top quality work," said Ted Manakas, FrontRange senior vice president and general manager of the Americas . "By marrying the world class technologies in QuoteWerks and GoldMine, we've built considerable momentum within our channel program and are on track to achieve mutual business objectives including providing our customers with maximum value and services."

QuoteWerks delivers! The makers of QuoteWerks have thought of virtually everything. The product is feature rich and intelligently designed. It deploys rapidly and simply, yet it can handle complex requirements. There's no better "bang for the buck'' than QuoteWerks! said Bob Ritter, President of First Direct Corp (QuoteWerks Top Selling Solution Partner)

About Aspire Technologies, Inc.:

A privately held company, Aspire Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1993. Corporate headquarters are located at 7041 Grand National Drive, Suite 207 , Orlando , FL 32819 . The company focuses on quoting/ordering software integration with leading contact management software such as GoldMine®.  Aspire’s top selling product is QuoteWerks 3.0. Selling to a variety of markets, Aspire Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique niche of workgroup enabled quoting software for use across the enterprise. (http://www.quotewerks.com)