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October 29, 2014


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 5
The new QuoteWerks URL redirector was designed specifically to integrate with salesforce.com, however, it can be used by ay web app to start QuoteWerks, load a new empty quote, order, or invoice, and populate the fields like sold to, ship to, terms, etc with data.

You can create a hyperlink in your web app like the one below:


...and your web app can create a new quote just like in the salesforce.com integration. In the hyperlink, your web app needs to replace the field values indicated by the type formatted identifiers with the actual data.

Also, change the source=salesforce.com to source={Your app name here} like source=ourwebapp

Note, you do not necessarily need to include all the fields in the url string.

You might ask, What effect, if any will changing the source to your applications name have?

The source was built in as a placeholder in case one day we wanted to expand the functionality of the redirector, so I would like you to change the source so that QuoteWerks does not think that it is salesforce that is initiating the link because QuoteWerks may then require certain things on the premise that the request came from salesforce.com.

Note, the SoldToCMOpportunityRecID value is used to update the salesforce system when saving the quote. If you are not using salesforce.com this field is optional. You cannot edit this field inside of QuoteWerks. We save the record id of the salesforce.com opportunity in this field so that when we update the quote later we can update the salesforce opportunity based on their record id. It is optional. We used the QuoteWerks database field DocumentHeaders
"MiscLinkID" to hold this value.

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