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Real-time - Which vendors product lists do I need to import?

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July 17, 2019


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Version 5.5 Build 4
Customers setting up Real-time pricing not clear on what needs to be imported and what is fully supported with our product content subscription.

The website shows what we support but there is still some confusion as to which ones need to be imported and which will just start showing up when searching.

For clarification, you only need to import the vendors price lists from the ones that do not have Limited Support.

If you check the link below and scroll to the bottom there is a chart that shows what is supported. If we have Limited support then we can search on the Manufacturer Part number (which does come from searching Etilize) many vendors require their own vendor part number for the lookup but some only require the manufacturer part number. Thus Etilize's results that contain the Manufacturer part numbers will allow us to search such as Arbitech and we will make it appear as if it did come from Etilize in the results window.

Only the following vendors will you need to import a CSV Weekly:
-Bell Micro
-Printer Essentials

Once you have obtained the price file and downloaded it you can then run our Products->Import Wizard and import the file into a local QuoteWerks native database. This will then be the starting point for your searching and you can use the Etilize pane window to bring up the other vendors that would come through the standard Etilize search along with the vendor above you have choosen.

The other vendors listed in the Other Vendor list have limited support or are supported through Etillize so no importing is necessary.

Please follow the link below for a graph showing what is supported through our Product Content Subscription:


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