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Print Layouts - Adding a Page Break

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July 17, 2019

Print Layouts

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Version 23.0 Build 1
I would like to add a page break in the QuoteWerks document without having to add multiple comment lines.

1. Insert a new Detail Section in your layout (Section>New)
2. Right click on Detail Section 1 and select Filter.
3a. Insert the following condition: .if.documentitems->customtext01<>"pg"
3b. If you already have a condition in the filter append this condition to have the same result. You may also have more detail sections other than the one you added in Step 1.
4. Right click on the new Detail Section you had added in Step 1, and select Filter.
5. Insert the following Condition: .if.documentitems->customtext01="pg"
6. Double click for the detail section properties and select Advance page before printing this section.

To use the new formula, add "pg" without the quotes to CustomText01 field in a line in the quote. As long as that is the only text in the CustomText01, the page will be advanced in the output at that point.

Video - https://www.quotewerks.com/video.asp?play=R7SdDYGqmqs
*Note: the video uses the Description field; it is "cleaner" to use the CustomText01 as it is more compatible with QuoteValet.

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