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Documents - How to change the maximum amount of open documents

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November 3, 2016


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Version 5.5 Build 5
How can I increase the maximum number of open documents allowed?

You need to edit the SITE.INI file located in the main QuoteWerks folder and add the INI key:


...under the [System] section header. You can set this maximum number to a value between 1 and 10. We recommend that you use this setting with caution as the use of this setting may cause you to run into memory issues depending upon your machine and usage (size of each document). If you run into issues, we recommend you reduce the MaxNumOpenDocs.

An example of the full line in the .ini would be


Post version 5.2, this is done within QuoteWerks.

Go to Help --> About --> System Tab --> Settings Manager. Table: SystemSettings, Section: System

Click the Orange New button to create a new key, with the name MaxNumOpenDocs and KeyValue of 10.

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