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QuickBooks - Could not Start QuickBooks

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January 27, 2010


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Version 23.0 Build 1

Error 2147220472, could not start QuickBooks occurs when QuoteWerks attempts to integrate.

Cause 1:

QuickBooks is not open when QuoteWerks is attempting to integrate.

Solution 1:

Some integrations require QuickBooks to be closed, but QuoteWerks needs it open before the two programs can communicate. Once QuickBooks is open, the integration should work fine.

Cause 2:

QuickBooks was recently installed and the system has not yet been rebooted.

Solution 2:

Reboot the system, then launch QuickBooks and QuoteWerks and try again. Sometimes control files and registry entries QuoteWerks needs to communicate with QuickBooks do not fully complete their install without a reboot.

Cause 3:

Another potential cause is related to multiple APIs running on the same machine, such as the API for the MultiCurrency Edition and the API for a non-MultiCurrency Edition. Intuit reports the potential for conflict and this can prevent QuoteWerks from determining the correct version to integrate with.

Solution 3:

Per Intuit, completely remove all references to the MultiCurrency version from the computer and try again once it's gone. This may take more than just a standard uninstall - contacting Intuit for details on how to ensure QuickBooks has been completely uninstalled is suggested.

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