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June 3, 2015


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Version 5.5 Build 5

When a user is working with a brand new installation of MS CRM, they are unable to create opportunities from within QuoteWerks because the Rating Code picklist is blank.


QuoteWerks scans the MS CRM database to identify the Rating Codes that are available - in brand new installations of MS CRM that do not yet have any existing Opportunities saved, QuoteWerks returns a blank pick list because there are no recorded and detectable Rating Codes in the MS CRM database yet.


Add a dummy account with a few dummy opportunities that utilize each of the rating codes. This will write them to the database and enable QuoteWerks to detect them; once MS CRM has been in use for some time and valid Opportunities have been saved with the various Rating Codes, you can then go back and delete the dummy account and opportunities.

On v7.0 of MS CRM, if you're creating a new opportunity, the Rating Code field typically will not be available to modify. You can add it to the opportunity form by clicking the "Form" button at the very top of the opportunity, to the right of the "Save", "Save & Close" buttons. You can then find the Rating field in the right hand column that lists the collection of all valid fields, and drag it into the form in the location that you would like to see it. Then, click the Save button, then click the Publish button. If you do not click the Publish button, the changes will not be published to the opportunities form.

Once the change is published, you can set a value for the field.

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