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Error - Invalid tax code 'Y' passed to Return TaxableBooleanBasedOnTaxCode

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December 24, 2015


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Version 23.0 Build 1

In QuoteWerks an error is received referencing an Invalid tax code such as:

Invalid tax code 'Y' passed to Return TaxableBooleanBasedOnTaxCode


The issue is likely due to the differences between the Canadian and US tax systems. This issue is normally encountered by users in Canada who have set the Canadian tax system and are attempting to utilize a product database which contain the US tax codes. This issue is often encountered by demo users in Canada since the demo product database is formatted for the US tax system.

US tax system
Y= Taxable, N= Non-taxable

Canadian tax system
B= GST & PST, G= GST only, P= PST only, N= Non-taxable

If you create or re-import a new product list the issue will be resolved as detailed in article 6093. Additionally, you can access the Data Manager within the medic utility to update the tax code. Listed below are instructions on accessing and utilizing the Medic Utility.


The Data Manager is located within the Medic Utility under the Utilities -> Data Manager menu. It enables you to quickly make changes to multiple records in product databases and your document database. These changes include the tax code field, print picture field, changing the vendor and manufacturer names, copying the manufacturer part number to the vendor part number and visa versa, and copying the first 255 characters of the description to a custom text field, and more. For security reasons, a user login with master rights is required to access this feature. The instructions below specifically direct you on how to update tax code field.

1. Within QuoteWerks go to Help|About then select the "System" Tab and locate the "Install Path". Clicking on the "Install Path" will take you to the QuoteWerks directory.

2. Log out of QuoteWerks once you have located the QuoteWerks directory.

3. Within the directory locate a file titled "Medic.exe" and double click on the file.

4. Next select "Utilities|Data Manager for QuoteWerks Databases".

5. At this point you will be prompted for a password, if you do not have a password within QuoteWerks (or are using the demo) simply click [ok] without entering a password.

6. Within the Data Manager select the Tab titled "Pre-defined Product DATABASE Queries"

7. Select the database you wish to update from the drop down menu

8. Check the checkbox for "Update TaxCode Field" and select the appropriate taxable value.

9. Click [Start] to Execute the Querie(s).

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