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Online Ordering - How to clear old products from the online order window

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June 3, 2009


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Version 5.5 Build 5

A user just purchased the Online Ordering Module, but has been ordering products from one or more distributors for some time prior. All those old orders are showing in the Online Ordering window when the user choosed to order from Multiple Orders.


First, make a backup of the docs.mdb file stored in the main QuoteWerks folder. Once the backup is made, follow the below steps:

1) Close QuoteWerks, then browse to the main QuoteWerks folder (if you're on a network, this will be the folder on the server).
2) Look for the file within it called medic or medic.exe and launch it. This will open the Medic Utility.
3) Next, go to Utilities -> Data Manager for QuoteWerks Databases.
4) Go to the Advanced Query tab and then enter in one of the below formulas:

For Access backends:

update documentitems set SONumber = 'OLD' where RecLastModified < #01/01/2009#

For SQL backends:

update documentitems set SONumber = 'OLD' where RecLastModified < '01/01/2009'

You'll want to modify the date so it fits your criteria - it should be the latest date you want to see orders, as the formula is built to set the SONumber field to OLD for all dates prior to the date entered.

5) Once you're satisfied with the date, hit Start. It should report "Query Has Been Executed".
6) Once it does, close out of the Medic Utility and reopen QuoteWerks; check out the online order window to verify the older ordered items have been cleared.

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