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PDF - File size of generated PDFs has massively increased

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March 8, 2016


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 23.0 Build 1

Previously PDFs created through QuoteWerks saved with an average file size under 100kb; now they're generating at 1000kb or higher.


The option to Embed Fonts has been checked on the Misc tab of the Tools -> My Preferences menu.


Unchecking this option will reduce the size of the files. This option is typically only needed when using non-standard fonts or variations of standard fonts. For instance, if you have a barcode font, you typically need the barcode font embedded for others to see the barcode.

Updated Note:
Version 5.1 Build 4.x, embedded fonts are now forced. This is due to an update that now compresses the embedded fonts much better and the extra space is not a concern for modern bandwidth.

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