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Quote Workbook - Hiding Cost and Profit from onlooking customers

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November 13, 2015


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Version 23.0 Build 1
Question: Sometimes my customers watch me work in QuoteWerks as I build a quote. How can I hide all profit and cost information so they cannot see this information?

Answer: You will need to create a second user. This user will have restricted rights preventing the cost and profit details from displaying, which you can use in situations where those values need to be hidden.

- Select the Utilities->User Maintenance menu, highlight your username and press "Clone"

- Provide a new user name and a password (if you want a password) and make sure you do not check "User has Master Rights".

- Click on the Access Tab and place a checkmark next to these fields:


- Click Ok and then Close.

- Next, select View -> Customize Columns at the top left of QuoteWerks.

- Uncheck the checkmark in front of the columns you do not want the customer to see. You can also rearrange or rename columns here.

- Once the changes have been made, go to the Apply To tab, select "Apply to selected user(s) only" and check the box next to the newly created user. Click Ok, the close out of QuoteWerks.

- Login as the newly created user; the Document Items tab should no longer show any Cost or Profit.

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