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Products - Breaking up one database into multiple

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June 18, 2009


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Version 5.5 Build 5

How do you I break up the product database with multiple vendors into separate databases for each?


While you cannot copy the folders and move them between databases, you can move the products located within the folders between databases. You'll need to create each of the databases and then provide their subfolder arrangement, and then you can copy the products located within the folders and move them over.

To create a new product database, go to the Products drop down along the top of QuoteWerks and then select Setup Product Sources. Click New, leave the Database Type as QuoteWerks and click Next, leave it as "Create new QuoteWerks native database" and click Next, for now I'd recommend leaving both the checkmarks unchecked and then click Finish. You will be prompted to name the database - give it the name of one of your vendors (going alphabetically is probably the best method); there will be two windows for naming, the second will not allow spaces but otherwise should match the first. You'll want to repeat this process for each of your vendors until you have a database listed for all of them.

Now you’ll need to create the folder structure, which should be familiar already. Right click on the database name, left click New and name the folder whatever you’d like. Repeat if there's additional subfolders. Once the folder structure has been recreated for each vendor, now you can copy and move the products over.

To move products, open your current product database, browse to the vendor folder and open the first folder underneath it. The products should display on the right hand lookup window. Click the first item to highlight it, hold shift on the keyboard, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the last item. Right click on any of the products and left click Copy. Now go to the new vendor database for these products, click on the matching folder located within it and on the empty white space in the lookup window, right click and left click Append. This will add all the selected products directly into this folder. Repeat the steps for each of your folders.

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