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SQL Error referencing MSysTable(-2147217900)

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September 15, 2009


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Version 23.0 Build 1

User is getting a repetitive -2147217900 SQL Error referencing the MSysTable when trying to launch QW, both as a node and as a local copy. Error comes up at least five times, in slightly different variants, and then QW asks for a license key. Clicking Continue in Demo Mode results in the same errors looping and then an Authentication code mismatch error where it lists the Docs code as (0).


Microsoft Jet is not installed correctly; there are missing or corrupt dll files. Without the necessary control files, the Access databases cannot be opened.


Look for the msjetXX.dll and msjtesXX.dll in the WINDOWS\system32 folder (where XX is a placeholder for your version of Jet - it could be msjet35.dll, msjet40.dll, etc); if either are missing, they will need to be replaced. Normally this can be done by "scavenging" the files from another computer on the network and dropping them into the system32 folder manually. Once the files are present, QuoteWerks should be able to launch without error.

If those files are present, please launch the Medic Utility (either through Start -> Programs -> QuoteWerks -> Tools & Information or by running the medic.exe in the QuoteWerks folder) and click the File Versions button. When the results display, click on File -> Save and send the generated file to technical support with a copy of this article for review.

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