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Restore Down (Maximize) button minimizes QuoteWerks

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February 24, 2010


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4

Clicking on the Maximize button in the title bar maximizes QuoteWerks correctly. When attempting to restore QuoteWerks to normal window size by clicking on the Restore button, QuoteWerks disappears like it was minimized (displaying as an application in the tray).


The QuoteWerks window was dragged or moved too far in one direction and is now outside the viewable area of the screen. In this case, the QuoteWerks window will not be visible unless it is maximized.


(I recommend trying this on a different application window first as a test, so you can visualize what the process is doing on the hidden window)

When the QuoteWerks window is maximized, click the maximize button again so that the window disappears.

Use Alt + Tab to highlight and select the QuoteWerks icon

Use Alt + Space to access the system menu (nothing visible is likely to happen).

Keep holding Alt and press the letter M for Move

Use Right, Left, Up and Down arrows to catch the window, at which point you can move the mouse to recover it.

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