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Print Layouts - How do I show the individual quantity for a Group or Bundle Item/member without parenthesis?

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November 6, 2018


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Version 23.0 Build 5
How do I show the individual quantity for a Group or Bundle Item/member?

There is an INI setting that removes the Group member quantity in parenthesis when the quantity is greater than 1 like "(2) Speakers" when printing the document.


You would then need to also create an additional detail section for Group Members that shows the individual Quantity:

Click the Deliver button at the top of QuoteWerks.

Select your layout and click Edit.

Go up to Section at the top and click New, then select Detail Section (it may say Detail Section 2 or 3). Click Ok.

Right click on the label for Detail Section 1 and left click on Filter.

Enter this for the filter:


Click Ok, then right click on the new Detail Section (2 or 3) and click on Filter. Enter the following:


In the new section, bring over all the same fields as you have in the main section, but instead of QtyTotal you will want to use the QtyBase field for the individual quantities.

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