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Product Database - "The Microsoft Jet Database cannot find the input table"

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April 22, 2015

Product Database

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Version 5.5 Build 5

Error Opening recordset in ConnOpenRecordset():
Error(-2147217865) The Microsoft Jet Database cannot find the input table or Query 'TableName'


Either dashes or underscores are present in the table name (usually related to product databases.)


Remove the dashes and the underscores.


While adding a custom SQL Query i am getting an error "Query : - Got Invalid object name"

Reason1 : The table name mentioned in the query is wrong
Solution : Verify the sql table names mentioned in the query. Also execute the query in SQL Server Management Studio and check if you are able to get the output

Reason2 : Database name and schema name are not mentioned in along with table name
Solution : Mention the database name and schema name along with the table names in the SQL query. For ex: select * from MESQLDBM.dbo.Alert

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