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Printing - Memory Could Not Be Read error when previewing a layout.

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September 23, 2015

Print Layouts

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Version 24.0 Build 1

When trying to preview a layout, user receives the error message "The instruction at "0x77f16e00" referenced memory at "0x43202c51". The memory could not be read." followed by a system crash. The specific number letter combination may vary.


One of the formulas on the layout is using the text within a field to determine output, but the text in a referenced text is too long (typically the Description of a product.)


Reduce the length of the text in the field (typically below 255 characters) or rework the formula to utilize a different method to provide results. You can also split the description into multiple lines by using Comments.

A secondary cause was found with Citrix server users. If there isn't a default printer selected on the Printers & Faxes area of the Control Panel, this error can occur for all document types in QuoteWerks, including Management Reports. Selecting a default printer resolves the problem, though the selection does need to be an actual printer - it can't be a PDF Generator or an Image Writer, for example.

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