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Peachtree - PO issue prior to v4.0 Build 35.04

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July 17, 2019


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4
The Peachtree issue that you are encountering was introduced in QuoteWerks 4.0 Build 31 (the initial build with the Interactive Link to Peachtree). Build 31 was officially released on 08/31/2007 after it was in interim for several months.

This PO Distributions issue was brought to our attention in early April and Aspire quickly released a full build on 4/9/2008 ( https://www.quotewerks.com/updates/UpdateAgent.asp?VersionBuild=4.0.35&;Version=4.0&Build=35 ). In the almost 10 months that people and organizations had been testing and using the Interactive link to Peachtree, Aspire had had no reports of this issue.

The official description of the fix is below:
When using the Interactive Peachtree link to generate POs in Peachtree the "PO Distribution" field was being set incorrectly. This caused the "Received" column Quantity data to incorrectly roll-up to the top on the PO after doing a "Receive Inventory" in Peachtree. [Service Release: 35.04]

The issue does not affect Sales Orders or Invoices generated by QuoteWerks, but only the Purchase Order and possibly any documents derived from the Purchase Order.

A scenario that can exhibit the issue is below:
1. You export a PO and a Sales Order to Peachtree
2. You then send the PO from Peachtree to your Vendor
3. You then receive Inventory from your vendor and apply it to your PO(s)
4. You then create an Invoice for the customer based on the Original Sales Order and the Items received.

When trying to recreate the issue, Peachtree appeared to be correct when editing the original PO sent from QuoteWerks. When receiving Inventory in Peachtree everything in Peachtree still appeared to be normal. After closing this window and then reopening the original PO, the issue appeared. The price and description defaulted to the first line item for all items on the PO. What is interesting is that the Peachtree Item appears to be the correct item for each line on the PO.

This is all information that you are probably aware of. So what does this mean?

Peachtree does not appear to offer any error checking or validation of data when importing. The API calls that QuoteWerks uses for the interactive link to Peachtree only automates the import process that Peachtree provides. QuoteWerks is not directly writing data to the Peachtree database.

Where do you go from here?
1. Apply the latest update - Build 35.04 or higher. This will stop the issue from occurring for any new documents exported to Peachtree.
2. You need to decide what to do with the data currently in Peachtree (choose 1):
2a. You can delete all of the bad POs and other documents derived from the POs. Before doing this, please backup your Peachtree Data and note the documents that you deleted. You can then re-export the POs from QuoteWerks to Peachtree after updating to Build 35.04 or higher. You would then also need to recreate any of the derived documents that also deleted in Peachtree from these new POs.
2b. Talk to Peachtree Technical Support to see if there is a way to correct the PO Distribution information for the data that Peachtree incorrectly allowed to be imported.
2c. You can manually correct the Peachtree POs and derived documents.
2d. You can leave the incorrect data as is in Peachtree.

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