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MSCRM - Error: 'createOpportunity' Object type is not known.

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November 28, 2007


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Version 23.0 Build 1
When using MSCRM as your contact manager and attempting to save a QuoteWerks document you receive the following error message during the updating of the MSCRM record:

Error: 'createOpportunity' Object type is not known.

This error message is stemming from other issues occurring within the MSCRM system.

In the only documented case of a customer receiving this error mesage the issue turned about to be related to the SQL Server that was housing the MSCRM backend.

More specifically, the Transaction Log files on the SQL Server had grown to such a large size that they had completely taken up all available space on the drive. Because of this MSCRM was unable to complete the creation of the record and as such threw the ambiguous error message above.

The customer reconfigured the SQL Server and how it handled Transaction Log sizes, etc. Once there was space available on the drive MSCRM was able to save the record and the error messages ceased.

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