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Product Source Error - ch_OpenConnection when launching QuoteWerks

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February 6, 2008

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Version 5.5 Build 5
After an upgrade from an early build of QuoteWerks 4.0 to Build 30 or higher, the following error message is received on the remote for each product source:
"Error in ch_OpenConnection! Missing GUID detected in Data Source..."

The product source was not assigned a GUID

1. Upgrade the Master Installation

2. Launch the Master Installation(To finish the upgrade process)

3. Upgrade the Remote PC

4. Launch the Remote PC Installation and click "Ok" on the Error Dialog box(es).

5. Launch the Sync wizard from the Utilities Menu.

6. Create a new Sync profile and click next.

7. Select the directory of the Master installation from the drop down menu and click next.

8. Select the Documents you would like and how you would like to synchronize then click next.

9. On the Synchronize Product Data Sources section change the Sync Action on all Databases to Replace(Overwrite) and click next.

10. On the Rollout Data section change the Sync Action to reflect Replace(Overwrite) for all and click next.

11. On the Confirm Selections section make sure to check the box to confirm Overwriting the Data and click next.

From here you can name this sync profile if you like altho it is not required. Once you have completed the full synchronization you will restart QuoteWerks on the Remote PC and you will no longer receive the error message.

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