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Invalid Column Key

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February 19, 2010


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 5

When launching QuoteWerks, or selecting the File->Open menu, or clicking on the Products Lookup button, you get an "Invalid Column Key" error. (This may or may not cause QuoteWerks to crash.)


The [user].ini file for the logged in user is corrupt


Browse to the QuoteWerks installation folder through Windows Explorer or My Computer and rename the [user].ini file for the user that is experiencing the error (typically by changing the extension from .ini to .old). To see the name of the [user].ini file select the Tools->My preferences menu and the name of the [user].ini file will appear at the bottom left of the preferences window. To find the installation path of QuoteWerks, go to Help->About and then click on the System tab. Once you relaunch QuoteWerks, the .ini file will be recreated fresh and the error should be resolved.

Please note, some settings such as e-mail signature or customized column arrangement may need to be reset once the .ini is recreated fresh.

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