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Correcting an Improperly Configured Node Installation

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July 17, 2019


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Version 23.0 Build 1

I recently switched to a new workstation and after installing QuoteWerks on my new computer, it now appears that QuoteWerks is running off of my local drive instead of the server. The problem we have is that my coworker is unable to see any new quotes that I have generated and vice versa. This leads me to believe I have a seperate database on my computer which differs from the database on the server. How can this be verified and corrected?


On a network installation of QuoteWerks there is only one QuoteWerks directory. If you have a QuoteWerks directory on your C drive, this means that you installed the FULL program on your computer, rather than run the NSetup (Node Setup) only. Installing the full program on your local drive means that this is a completely seperate installation, which has it's own databases and does not share the data as the other workstations.


To check for the correct location of the QuoteWerks directory, go to one of the other workstations that is operating correctly and check the System Tab of the Help->About menu. Look for the Install Path. This will show you the network path to which QuoteWerks should be pointing to.

Next, you will need to export your quotes to your Co-worker so that your new quotes are not lost. To see a video of how this is done, click on the following link:
Exporting DTF Files

- Once you documents have been exported, shut down QuoteWerks on your computer.

- Locate the QuoteWerks directory on your C Drive and rename it to QW BAD.

- After the folder has been renamed to QW BAD, open the folder and locate the file named QW4 (or QW4.exe) and delete it.

- After deleting the QW4.exe file from the QW BAD folder, browse to the correct QuoteWerks folder on the network drive and locate the NSetup.exe file

- Close all programs that are running on your computer (inlcuding pop-up bolckers, chat programs, media players, anti-virus, etc.)

- Double click the NSetup.exe file to launch the Node installation.

- When the Node installation is complete, you should now be able to launch QuoteWerks and see all of your co-workers documents as well as your documents just as before.

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