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Reverting a Revised Document Back To "Non" Superseded

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March 21, 2013


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Version 24.0 Build 1

Is there a proper way to revert back to the superseded version, when a quote has been revised by mistake?


Once a document has been superseded, there is no way within QuoteWerks to remove the Superseded flag. Unless...

Warning: This procedure is done at your own risk. We recommend creating a backup prior to performing this procedure.

You can delete the revision that you did not wish to create. Then you will need to open the documents database or (docs.mdb), or, if QuoteWerks has been rehosted to SQL, you can open up the DocumentHeaders table and deselect the superseded status.

Note: This solution is only relative as long as you did not delete the previous revision. QuoteWerks Technical Support does not provide support for manually modifying your QuoteWerks database(s) and is done soley at your risk.

Note2: If you want to retain a previous revision as the current document, this can be done without having to go into the database to remove the superseded flag. You can open the latest document then click on View->Document Revisions. This will bring u p a list of your documents to choose the revision you want to open. Once open do not make any further changes and save that as another revision. This will jump past the last revision and become the active document..

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