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Print Layouts - Suppressing the Country Name

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July 17, 2019

Print Layouts

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Version 5.5 Build 4
I do not wish to display the country name in my print layout and I can't find a way to suppress it.

The &SoldToFullAddress, &ShipToFullAddress, and &BillToFullAddress macro fields assumes that a country will be included and cannot be suppressed

You can use the following formula in place of the &SoldToFullAddress, &ShipToFullAddress, or &BillToFullAddress macro fields. You will need to modify the formula according to the corresponding field:

(TIP: You can copy an paste, just make sure there are no extra spaces, other than what is supposed to be there.)

(DocumentHeaders->SoldToAddress1)+ ADDLINE(DocumentHeaders->SoldToAddress2)+ ADDLINE(DocumentHeaders->SoldToAddress3)+Addline(DocumentHeaders->SoldToCity+", "+Addline(DocumentHeaders->SoldToState+" "+DocumentHeaders->SoldToPostalCode)

If you need additional help with the addline formula, please review Article: 5443

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