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ACT! 2008/2009 - Opportunity Associate With feature is disabled

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July 17, 2019


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Version 5.5 Build 4
For ACT! 2008/2009 users (running QuoteWerks 4.0 Build 31 through build 48), when creating or updating an ACT! Sales Opportunity from the QuoteWerks Create/Update Sales Opportunity window, and clicking on the [Associate With] [...] button, user will receive the message "The 'Associate With' feature is not available for ACT! 2008/2009 at this time.

The 'Associate With' feature in ACT! allows you to associate an Activty with Groups or Companies.

The ACT! Opportunity will still be created by QuoteWerks for the Sold To Company/Contact in QuoteWerks.

Note: QuoteWerks 4.0 Build 31 is the first build that supports ACT! 2008. Build 39 is the first build that supports ACT! 2009.

ACT! 2008 (version 10 on 8/23/07) introduced a bug in the API that prevents this feature from working.

QuoteWerks 4.0 Build 49 has a resolution for this issue. For more information on Build 49, please see our Updates Page.

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