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Error - Error After Copying Security.mdb to a Corporate Remote PC or Site

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August 6, 2013


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 23.0 Build 1
You are trying to setup a Remote PC or a Remote Site of the QuoteWerks Corporate Edition for Version 4.0 Build 30 and after copying over the security.mdb file, you are getting a series of security related errors.


The issue with copying the pre Build 29 security.mdb to a Build 30 Remote PC is a known issue.

The cause is that your master QuoteWerks installation was on a build prior to Build 30 at the time of rehosting, so now that you have upgraded, the security.mdb file is still from an earlier database format that was present at the time of rehost. We have added new security features that have added new fields into the security database that were not present pre- build 29.

Solution 1:

Send in your Master installation's security.mdb to QuoteWerks Technical Support and we will create a blank security.mdb from build 30 that you can copy into the QuoteWerks directory of the Remote. Once you recieve the Security.mdb, you will run the Debug Command procedure:

To write the most current information to the security.mdb file of a rehosted QuoteWerks installation, simply log in as a user with Master Rights and double-click directly on your user name in the lower right had corner of QuoteWerks. This will open up a the debug command prompt. Type the word "security" (no quotes) and press "ok." This will allow you to choose the security.mdb file from the QuoteWerks directory that you wish to transfer the security information to.

Solution 2:
If you are in a time crunch and can't wait for us to modify the security.mdb file for you:

Download Build 27 (or whatever previous build you were on at the time of rehost), and then upgrade the Remote PC after you have licensed it and have copied over the security.mdb file. (This will only work if you know the build that you were using at the time of rehost)

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