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Importing - Mapping To The Alternate Currency Field

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July 25, 2007


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Version 23.0 Build 1

I see that there is an Alternate Currency field in step 3 of the Import Wizard. How is this field used?


The AlternateCurrency.Indentifier, AlternateCurrency.Rate, and AlternateCurrency.LastUpdated fields shown in the Import Wizard all "dump" the imported data into the Alternate Currency field in the product database using comma seperated values.


Let's suppose that you have a SQL rehosted Master installation of QuoteWerks, but you also have a Remote PC installation that you will not be rehosting - (meaning it will continue to run from an MS-Access backend database.

Since Remote PC is not rehosted, we can't synchronize the products from the Master to the Remote. In order to get the product databases out to the Remote PC, we will need to export the products out of the Master installation and then use the Product Import Wizard to import the products into the Remote PC.

Since the Alternate Currency Indentifier, Rate, and Last Updated values are all written to the Alternate Currency field (in tab delimited format), we can simply map directly to the Alternate Currency field (on Step3 of the Product Import Wizard) to bring in all 3 of those values, thus, saving us the need for having to map to all 3 fields all over again.

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