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July 20, 2007


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Version 24.0 Build 1

I recently rehosted my QuoteWerks Corporate Edition installation to SQL. After the rehost was complete, I opened the QuoteWerks directory and saw that there were several files that had a *.REHOSTED file extension. Previously, the files had a *.MDB file extension. Does QuoteWerks use these files and what are their purpose?


The *.rehosted files are not used at all. The files are renamed during the rehost, but this file extension is only to identify that the file has been rehosted to SQL. Once QuoteWerks is rehosted, QuoteWerks no longer "sees" the *.mdb files. You can simply rename the file extension back to *.MDB and the file will return to it's original MS Access format.

There is one .REHOSTED file that we do still need - security.rehosted. The reason that we still need the security.rehosted file is that we will rename it back to security.mdb. This way, we can copy it over to the Remote PC as is required after entering a Remote PC license into the License Manager of the Remote. Once you enter a Remote Key into a QuoteWerks installation, the serial number of the installation changes to match that of the Master installation. In order to be able to open the Remote after entering the license key, you must bring over the security.mdb file, which has the matching seed number of the installation. The docs.mdb and security.mdb files are companion files. The 2 must have matching "enterprise" seed numbers.

Another reason to copy the security.mdb is that it carries over security permissions and user accounts. Although a rehosted Corporate Remote PC can sync these settings, sometimes, the company opts to NOT synchronize the Master and Remotes and also opts to not host the Remote PC. In this case, the security.mdb would be the only way that we can get the security rights from the Master to the Remote. There is a method for extracting the most current security database information from a Rehosted Master installation into the security.mdb. This is done by using a special "debug" command in QuoteWerks. To write the most current information to the security.mdb file of a rehosted QuoteWerks installation, simply log in as a user with Master Rights and double-click directly on your user name in the lower right had corner of QuoteWerks. This will open up a the debug command prompt. Type the word "security" (no quotes) and press "ok." This will allow you to choose the security.mdb file from the QuoteWerks directory that you wish to transfer the security information to.

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