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Rebuilding Terminal/Citrix Server and Then Reinstalling QuoteWerks

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July 18, 2007


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4

We currently have QW on a terminal (or Citrix) server and I'm going to have to rebuild that server. When I re-install QW should I install from the CD then choose the latest upgrade or can I install right from that upgrade?


There will be no need to perform a new installation of QuoteWerks. If you are rebuilding the server, simply make a full backup of the entire QuoteWerks directory. Once you have rebuild the Terminal Server simply replace the QuoteWerks directory back onto the server. To get QuoteWerks back up and running, simply log into the Terminal Server (directly at the console) as the Windows admin and open the Windows Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove Programs, and then "Add New Programs." Browse for the NSetup.exe and install it. This should install the QuoteWerks Node globally for all your users.

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