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Documents Are Missing From QuoteWerks

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November 21, 2014


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Version 5.5 Build 5

We have lost some quotes for unknown reasons. We can find the backup version B01, etc. but the original .dtf version is gone. No one has deleted them.


The .B0x files are created at specific times for DTF files.

QuoteWerks created .B0x files when synchronizing a Remote with the Master installation:

Take this applied example for two locations A and B. Both location A and B will have the identical version of the quote at 9:00am (first thing in the morning). Since synchronizing is generally done at night, location A could modify document # 101 at 10:00am and location B could modify document #101 at 11:00am. If no more changes were made during the rest of the day, the next morning both locations will have the document #101 that location B had modified. The changes made at location A will be completely lost. Because of the potential for this to happen, QuoteWerks automatically creates a backup copy of a quote before it does any updating. This feature will allow you to restore a quote that has been incorrectly replaced by a different location’s quote. A backup copy of the quote will be saved to a file in the QuoteWerks\DTF directory. The file will have the same base name as the document number, and will have a unique sequentially numbered extension. For document # A101, the backup file name would be A101.B01, A101.B02, A101.B03 etc. Each time the quote is backed up, QuoteWerks will increment the extension, so the latest backup will be the highest numbered extension.

Here is another scenario in which the .B0x file would be created:

Document Backup Manager
The Document Backup Manager is found under the Utilities menu. Whenever documents in the database are replaced or updated through linked documents and or Document Transport Files (DTF), a backup of that document is made. You can view a list of these backups that are in document number order. When you select a document backup, you will be able to view some details about it. If you open a document that was backed up, it will be added to the database as a new quote, and it will be given a new unique document number, but will retain the same quote name as its master document

Note: Each time a backup is made of a document, a unique sequential extension is generated, starting with .B01. The highest numbered extension is the newest backup. The backup documents are stored in the QuoteWerks\DTF directory.

There is a third method in which a DTF file will be changed to a .B0x file:

If a user selects the File->Delete menu, or deletes the document by pressing the "Delete" button from the Open Document window, the quote will be deleted from the database, but the DTF file will be changed so that the document can be recovered, hence, providing a means of redundant backup.

The fact that a .B0x file has been created for specific documents suggests that one of the "transactions" listed above must have taken place.


If you can locate the .B0x for the DTF file, simply locate the latest .B0x and rename the extension back to .DTF

For example:

If you find:

Most likely, AAAQ1000.B03 will be the latest backup of the file. Simply rename it back to AAAQ1000.DTF and then double click it to open it. QuoteWerks will re-merge the document back into the database**.

**The document will re-merge provided that the option to "Look For Synchronized Data in DTF Files" is checked on the Synchronization Tab of the Tools->Options menu (or the "Look for Synchronized Data" on the Installation Tab of the Tools->Options menu in releases prior to Version 4.0 Build 20)

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