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Print Layouts - How To Locate Print Layout Files

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August 3, 2013

Print Layouts

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Version 5.5 Build 5

I need to locate a print layout file so that I can send it to another user or to QuoteWerks Technical Support for analysis. Where are the layout files stored and how do I know which one to send?


- In QuoteWerks, click the Print button

- When the Print Document Window opens, locate the Print Layout you wish to send

- Note the Layout File Name (it has a .FPC file extension)

- Close the Print Document Window

- Select the Help->About menu and click on the Sytem tab

- Locate "Install Path" and click on it. This will take you into your QuoteWerks directory

- Locate the folder called "Layouts" and open it

- Find the Layout File Name that you notated from the Print Document Window and then send it to the recipient.

NOTE: You can apply this method for Report Files also. Instead of looking in the Layouts folder, you will look in the Reports folder.

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