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Permissions - Cannot See Another Users Quotes

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July 17, 2019


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Version 23.0 Build 1

When working on a network, quotes created by one user cannot be viewed by another user.

Cause 1:

The second user is not working out of the same installation as first user, meaning that there may be another separate installation of QuoteWerks installed on the server, or possibly on one of the local hard drives.

Cause 2:

The second user does not have rights to view the first user's quotes.

Solution 1:

Check to make sure that both users are working from the same installation by going up to Help -> About within QuoteWerks and then go to the System tab. Verify the Install Path matches for both computers. If the paths do not match, this typically means that you have 2 separate installations of QuoteWerks. To see details on how to correct this, please refer to knowledgebase article 6510

Solution 2:

Select the Utilities -> User Maintenance menu and edit the other user's profile. On the Login tab, check to see if the checkbox for Master Rights is checked. If so, the user should be able to see everyone's quotes. Go to the Access tab and verify that the checkbox labeled "CannotViewOthersDocuments" is not checked.

If the other user does not have Master rights, then edit the first user's profile from the Utilities -> User Maintenance menu, go to the Documents tab and then add the other user's profile to the appropriate section (View, Modify, Delete).

For more information on modifying users permissions in QuoteWerks, see the section in the QuoteWerks manual entitled User Maintenance. If you do not have a hard copy of the manual, you can view an electronic copy selecting Help -> View Manual from within QuoteWerks itself.

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