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Print Layouts - Dialog Field Example

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August 3, 2013

Print Layouts

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Version 5.5 Build 5

Could you provide me with a working example of a Dialog Field and how to apply it to a formula in a print layout?


Here is an overview of how to create a basic dialog font and how to apply it to a formula:

- Click on Reports->Dialog Fields->New

- Set the Field Name to: TEST and leave the field value to TEXT and click "ok"

- After creating the Dialog Field, you can go back and Edit it and modify the User Prompt. In this example: Set the prompt to "yes" or "No." (Don't use the quotations.)

- Create a Formula Field and call it in this example, "DialogTestForm"

- Enter the following syntax (Make sure you don't leave any spaces):
.if.dlg->test="yes".then."The answer is yes.".else.(.if.dlg->test="no".then."The answer is no.")

- Save the changes to the formula field

- Save the changes to the layout and preview it

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