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Remote Installation - Correcting Licensing on a Remote PC Installation

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November 13, 2015


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Version 5.5 Build 4
You have incorrectly added your primary key into a Remote PC installation - or - you accidentally copied the docs.mdb file over to the Remote PC and overwrote the licensing on the Remote PC and now the licensing must be corrected.


Note: Important points are highlighted in bold

Your computer {whether a standalone computer or a "Node" (client) on a network installation} of QuoteWerks is your "Master" or "Primary" installation - These are the steps that you need to perform on the Master installation:

- (Perform this step only if the other QuoteWerks user profile does not exist in your installation) From the Utilities->User Maintenance menu, create the user profile for the other QuoteWerks user. Important: The user name need to match exactly as the user login is on their computers. (Don't worry, if you don't get them exactly the same, we can still fix it, but it's better to get the name correct now to save you from having to correct in the future.)

- After creating the user profile in User Maintenance (if applicable), go back to the License Manager and generate a Remote PC license for the user.

- Send the corresponding Remote PC License Key, along with the security.mdb file to the Remote PC User. The security.mdb is located in the root of the QuoteWerks directory. Do NOT send the security.ldb.

Steps to be performed on the Remote PC:

- Open the License Manager of the Remote PC

- Remove the Primary Key that has been entered into the License Manager. Quotewerks will go into demo mode. This is expected.

- Add the correct Remote PC License into the License Manager and then close QuoteWerks.

- AFTER adding the Remote PC License and AFTER shutting down QuoteWerks, copy the security.mdb file into the Remote PC's QuoteWerks directory.

- Launch QuoteWerks and select the UtilitiesRebuild CM Transport Files menu (Be sure to leave the checkboxes unchecked) and press "start."

- You will have 29 days to register the remote PC license.

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