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How can I run QuoteWerks on Apple - Mac - OSX ?

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February 20, 2012


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Version 23.0 Build 1
How can I run QuoteWerks on Apple - Mac - OSX ?

QuoteWerks is a Windows application and as such it will not run natively on a Mac OS.

You'll need to do one of three things in order to have QuoteWerks run on your Mac:

1) If it's a newer Mac you can dual boot Windows. Do this and you can run QuoteWerks natively.

2) VirtualPC / Parallels / VMWare: This will allow you to emulate a windows computer while still in the MacOS. You may then run QuoteWerks in this environment. Aspire Technologies does not support QuoteWerks in this environment, but may help to assist you.

3) Remote Desktop to a windows machine that is running Windows - and run QuoteWerks on that machine.

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