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Recommended size for SQL server database

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May 21, 2007


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.6 Build 5

Can you tell me the recommended spec of the server leaving room for expansion for the database to increase in size by, for example, 3 times?


Please note that we do not have a designated minimum size for your SQL database since there are several factors that need to be considered when allocating space requirements for you QuoteWerks database such as:

- How many users will you have writing quotes on a daily basis?

- How many quotes do you create a day?

- How many product sources do you have?

- How many product sources will you have in the future?

To best calculate the size of your SQL database, I would recommend using the following guidelines:

- Open the QuoteWerks directory where all of your QuoteWerks native database files are stored (These will be MS Access databases *.MDB)

- Add up the total combined size of all the databases

- Determine how much time is has taken for your databases to get to this combined size (For Example: In 3 years your databases are a combined total of 300Mb)

- Calculate how much bigger the files will be in double the time frame. (For example: in another 3 years your database will have doubled to 600Mb ) (Pay special consideration to the docs.mdb file since this is where the documents are stored in and is the "workhorse" database file)

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