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Windows - QuoteWerks installed to Program Files Directory on Windows Vista/7

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August 15, 2014


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 24.0 Build 1

You are running Microsoft Windows Vista/7 and you have your QuoteWerks folder in the Program Files folder.


A) You copied the QuoteWerks folder from your old machine to your new Vista Machine

B) You're installing a QuoteWerks build prior to build 25

C) You had QuoteWerks installed previously and you've upgraded your Windows 2000/XP machine to Vista.

D) You forced QuoteWerks to install to the Program Files directory, rather than the suggested Applications directory.


Be sure QuoteWerks is NOT running and do the following:

1) Create an Applications folder off of the C:\

2) Copy the entire QuoteWerks folder from C:\Program Files\QuoteWerks to the Applications folder
(You should wind up with - C:\Applications\QuoteWerks)

3) Move the C:\Program Files\QuoteWerks folder to the recycling bin
Do NOT Empty yet

4) Click the Windows "Start" button and type the following in the "StartSearch" text box:
%homepath%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files
(Then press the ENTER key)
*NOTE* We do use Everything Search Engine from VoidTools.com to assist as well as it can be faster to load that then use the windows search or if that path isn't found.

5) Copy the contents of the QuoteWerks folder shown in the virtual store to C:\Applications\QuoteWerks to combine the 2 folders into a single QuoteWerks directory with all their information. You may need to overwrite if necessary. Once finished you can then delete the folder from Virtual Store and send it to the Recycling bin
Do NOT Empty yet

6) Browse to the C:\Applications\QuoteWerks folder and run the nsetup.exe and choose to have it create an icon on the Desktop.

7) After the Node Setup is complete double-click the icon on the desktop and launch QuoteWerks.

8) Verify that everything is working correctly and that all of your data (documents, layouts, etc.) is available.

9) Once you are absolutely sure your installation is working correctly and your data is still available you may empty your recycling bin if you choose to.

Vista - QuoteWerks installed to Program Files Directory

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