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QuickBooks - Integration could not start

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September 25, 2019


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 23.0 Build 1
When attempting to use the QuickBooks integration you receive error "Could not start QuickBooks" .


There are several solutions:

1) Code signature issue
The main executable of QuoteWerks (qw.exe) is code-signed. This code signing certificate occasionally has to be renewed. This renewal creates a new certificate signature. This some times causes QuickBooks to not recognize the integration after updating QuoteWerks. To fix this, make sure everyone is out of QuickBooks, then log into Quickbooks as THE specifically named "Admin" user. Then switch it to single-user mode. Then go to Edit -> Preferences, click on Integrated Applications, and then click Company Preferences. Select QuoteWerks and remove it. Then, in QuoteWerks, click the Quickbooks toolbar button, then click the Setup button. QuickBooks will pop-up with it's integration wizard. Select the option about QuickBooks being open, then click through the wizard to finish it.

2) Application Privilege Level
Typically this issue can happen if QuoteWerks and QuickBooks are installed as or run at different privilege levels such as "Run as Administrator" or "as a Standard user". Since you don't know which application is running at the Adminstrator level, the only solution is first try to right click on the QuickBooks exe and choose "Run as Admininstrator". If that does not resolve the issue, then try right clicking on the QuoteWerks qw.exe and choose "Run as Admininstrator" to see if communication can be established.

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