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Print Layouts - Expiration Date

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April 5, 2007

Print Layouts

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Version 23.0 Build 5

How can I add a "valid until," or expiration date in my quote?


There are a couple of methods to set an "valid till" (expiration date ) in your quote:


Use a Custom Date field on the Custom Tab and add that field into your print layout

Method 2:
Change the default value for the Due Date field

Advanced users can set the DocDueDate={+30} key under the [Defaults] section of the site.ini file to default the Due Date field to, for example: 15 days from today, {+30} for 30 days, etc. Or {empty} to not default a date at all. (The site.ini file is located in the root of the QuoteWerks directory.)


Once you change the Due Date, you can then add the Due Date field to your print layout.

Method 3:
You can add a forumula field into your print layout using the following (or similar) syntax:


This formula will add 30 days to the Created date that is found on the Notes Tab.

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