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Cannot Save Default Introduction or Closing Notes

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January 18, 2018


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Version 23.0 Build 1

On the Notes Tab of QuoteWerks, when I try to save my Default Introduction or Closing Notes they apparently don't save correctly and are missing several sentences.


The Default Closing Notes as well as the Default Introduction Notes are user specific settings. This means that each user can have his/her own Introduction and Closing Notes. This data is saved to the {user}.ini file. If the default text is very lengthy, this can cause the {user}.ini file to grow beyond 64K.

The maximum valid size for an .INI file is 64 kilobytes (K). Please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledgebase Article for more information on this topic:

You can shorten your Default Introduction Notes and/or Default Closing Notes

You can create your Default Introduction Notes in an RTF and attach it to your quote as a Cover Page, or you can create your Default Closing Notes and add them to your quote as Literature.

NOTE: post Version 5.2, the Introduction/Closing Notes are now stored in the database. This removes these limitations and the Notes fields should store a near unlimited amount of text.

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