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Reports - Returns Multiple Results of Same Document

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September 23, 2015


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Version 5.5 Build 5

I am trying to run a report in Quotewerks. The results I get include the same document multiple times. They all show the same quote number. I just need the one quote how do I filter this out.


Whenever you get these types of results in which multiple instances of the same document show up in the report, this indicates that there is a data field your have placed into the Detail Section of the report layout that references the Document Items Table. When you reference a field from this table, you are referencing line item information. This means that your report will return a result for every line item that meets your criteria.


I recommend you try and move the data field out of the Detail Section and try placing it into a Report Header, Reports Footer, or a Sort Header, to see if it still gives you the results (or similar results) you are looking for. To see if you are referencing a field from the Document Items table, uncheck the checkbox on the Filter Tab of the Report Properties window labeled "Force Inclusion of DocumentItems Table" and save the changes. If no warning message comes up, this should solve your report issue. If the warning message comes up telling you that you are referencing a field from the Document Items Table and will have to modify your report layout accordingly.

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