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Print Layouts - Formula - Adding "Qty" in front of Bundle Sub-Items

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January 30, 2007

Print Layouts

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Version 5.5 Build 5

How do you add a formula into the print layout that will add the prefix "Qty" in front of any bundle sub-items that have a quantity of more than one?


(Tip: We recommend you clone the layout so that you can keep the original).

- Edit the Layout and delete the Description Field

- Click the Formula Button and give it the name: DescriptionMod

- Copy and Paste the following syntax:
.if.documentitems->lineattributes=8.and.documentitems->qtybase>1.then.("Qty "+documentitems->description).else.documentitems->description

- Click "Ok" to save the formula and then add the field in the position where the original description field used to be.

- Save the changes to the layout and exit the Layout Designer.

- Preview your document with the bundles

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