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Layouts - Highlight a Revised Line Item

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July 17, 2019

Print Layouts

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Version 23.0 Build 1

Is there a way that we can highlight a single line item to identify to the customer a revision we make to a quote?


This would be possible if you edit your print layout and use one of the custom text fields on the Document Items Tab. In order to understand the procedure I am going to discuss, I recommend you click on the following link that demonstrates working with the Layout Designer, Multiple Detail Sections, and Detail Section Filters:
https://www.quotewerks.com/flash/pagebreaks.asp (Note: This video addresses creating page breaks, however, you will use a similar process for the task below.)

- Determine which Custom Text field from the Document Items Tab you wish to use. For this example we will use Custom Text01.

- Decide on a "code" or letter that you will add into the Custom Text field that will indicate to your users that the line item has been added to a pre-existing quote. (For example, we can use the capital letter "A" since we added a new item)

- Edit your print layout. (Tip: You may want to clone your print layout instead so you have a copy of the original)

- Add a second Detail Section to your print layout and copy ALL fields from Detail Section 1 into Detail Section 2

- In Detail Section 2, single-click the description field to highlight it and press the Font button. Select a font color, for example, red (you can change this to any font or font color you like)

- If you like, you can set the same font or font color for all the other fields in Detail section 2 so that they match the description field.

- Edit the Detail Section 1 filter as such: .if.DocumentItems->CustomText01<>"A" (Hint: You can copy and paste this into your filter)

- Edit the Detail Section 2 filter as such: .if.DocumentItems->CustomText01="A" (Hint: You can copy and paste this into your filter)

- Save the changes and exit the layout designer.

- Now open a pre-existing quote and add a new product to it

- In the Custom Text01 field, add the letter "A" (Make sure it is a capital "A" and do not use the quotation marks)

- Select the layout and preview it. If you did the steps above correctly, your new item should show up in red (or whatever color or font you decided upon)

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