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Excluding One Line Item from Export To QuickBooks

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January 11, 2007


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Version 5.5 Build 5
Is there anyway to deselect one line item in a quote to not be exported to


At this time, exporting a QuoteWerks document to QuickBooks is an all-or-nothing procedure. We cannot single out individual line items from the document export.

There is a possible workaround:

- Open the quote prior to exporting.

- Highlight the line item you wish to exclude from the export

- Right-click on the highlighted line and select "Line Attributes"

- Click the drop-down box labled "Exclude Line" and select yes

- Save the changes to the quote

- You can now export the line item.

Warning: Setting line item attributes to 'exclude' will cause the line item to be completely ignored by QuoteWerks and will reflect this in the grand subtotal and grandtotal of the QuoteWerks document.

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