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Moving a Rehosted Remote PC Installation

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May 4, 2012

Remote Installations

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Version 5.5 Build 5

You need to transfer a Rehosted installation of QuoteWerks from one Remote PC to another. (i.e., move from old laptop to new laptop).


There are 2 methods to get your old Remote PC data onto a new Remote PC installation.

Method A:
- Install a fresh installation of QuoteWerks onto the new Remote PC and add the original Remote PC license key that was in the old Remote PC.

- Rehost the new Remote PC to MSDE/SQL Express and perform a sync

- You will need to modify the document numbering table so that it matches the next starting document number of the old Remote PC. You can do this by modifying the DocumentNumbering Table using SQL Enterprise Manager.

Method B:

- Copy the old Remote PC's QuoteWerks directory to the new Remote PC and run the NSetup program from the root of the QuoteWerks directory.

- If you are proficient in SQL, you can transfer the entire QuoteWerks database from the old Remote PC to the new Remote PC

NOTE: After moving your SQL Database, you will still need to change the location that QuoteWerks uses to read the SQL Data.

1. Launch the QuoteWerks Medic Utility located in the QuoteWerks directory called MEDIC.EXE. The Medic Utility can also be launched from the Start Menu under QuoteWerks-Tools&Information-Medic Utility.

2. Select the Utilities-System Database Setup Menu.

3. Make the appropriate SQL server changes and click the OK Button.

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