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Bundles - Can you send a bundle to another user

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July 18, 2008


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Version 23.0 Build 1

Can I send a bundle to another user?


If you are using the Standard or Professional Edition of QuoteWerks, or an unrehosted copy of the Corporate Edition, you can send the relation.mdb file located in the root of your QuoteWerks directory to the user and overwrite their existing relation.mdb. This will, however, overwrite any Bundles, Configurations, Required Items, Optional Items, and Substitute items located in the relation.mdb file that you are overwriting. The other installation will also need to have the same product databases for the copied bundles to function.

If you are using a SQL rehosted copy of the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks, you can sync the Bundles by going to Utilities -> Sync and selecting Replace/Overwrite next to Bundles on the Rollout step of the sync. This will take the Bundles from the master installation and replace the Bundles on the user's installation.

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