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Incorrectly Spelled User Name

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December 24, 2015


Are you using the most current release of QuoteWerks?
Version 5.5 Build 4

I have created a user name in QuoteWerks and I spelled the users name incorrectly. QuoteWerks will not let me rename the user. How do I correct this?

Solution A:

Delete the User Name from the Utilities>User Maintenance Menu and then re-create the user with the correct name spelling.

Solution B:
(If the Sales Rep has already created and saved documents)

A) Clone the existing user and name the user profile correctly (from the Utilities>User Maintenance menu)

B) Reassign all the documents to the new user profile - using the procedure below:

C) Delete the incorrectly named user profile

---------------Reassigning documents to a different Sales Rep-------------------

Reassigning all documents from one Sales Rep to another:

This will assign ALL of one sales reps documents to another sales rep. NOTE: In order perform this task, both Sales Reps must already exist in QuoteWerks

Important!!! Make sure NO ONE is using QuoteWerks when you perform the following task!!!

- Have everyone exit QuoteWerks - including yourself

- Click on Start->Programs->QuoteWerks ->Tools and Information->Medic Utility

- When the Medic Utility launches, select the Utilities>Data Manager for QuoteWerks Databases menu option

- You will need to log into the Data Manager tool

- Once the Data Manager Utility opens, you should be seeing the Tab labeled "Pre-defined System Database Queries"

- Check the box labeled "Re-assign SaleRep's documents to another SalesRep"

- Select the sales reps accordingly and click on Start

- Once the window appears that states, "Queries have been executed," you may exit the Medic Utility. All documents will now be assigned to your specified sales rep

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